Preserve Our Nation Heritage For Future

Published on Wednesday, 06 June 2012 11:05

We serve the needs of the institution, especially for libraries, museums and archival institutions in making efforts to preserve cultural heritage in digital

information, which comes from the printed literature sources (Ancient Manuscript, Rare Books, Historic Photo, Ancient Maps, Audio and Video ecording 16mm or 35mm ) also in the form of 3D media (palm leaves, wood, inscriptions, statues, reliefs, and other artepact).

Workflows that we do is:

  • Data Collection and Dissemination
  • Inventory Data Bibliography
  • Improved physical library materials (conservation)
  • Digital Media Transfer (Digitization)
  • File conversion, Editing & Watermarking
  • Packaging of digital files in the form of E-Book and Multimedia
  • Metadata Input and Upload Files
  • Online publication of media through the Website or CD / DVD