About us

Published on Thursday, 10 May 2012 18:18

HEIKELMEDIA with more than five years experiences, is a company engaged in the utilization of Information Technology and Multimedia to focus on:

  1. Efforts to preserve the heritage information (Heritage Preservation). The definition of heritage is made up of Natural Heritage and Cultural Heritage. Natural heritage is the formation of a special nature. Cultural heritage is the result of creativity, feeling, intention and the work left by the ancestors who lived in the past and the present that reflect the national identity. Cultural heritage includes heritage shaped object (tangible) and intangible heritage objects.
  2. Management of knowledge resources (Knowledge Management) for each of the institutions, companies, institutions and individuals.


Become a reliable and professional company in terms of preservation of knowledge and participate in the nation intellectual development.


  1. Information dissemination and understanding to each institution and thepublic that the importance of heritage preservation efforts as proof that our nation, including people who have a cultural identity and continuity of the sublime to the next generation.
  2. Change the paradigm of the role and functions of each agency or institution in this Library, Museum and Archives of the importance of utilizing information technology development and digital, so it would be more optimal in terms of information and knowledge services to the public users.
  3. Build an online facility that serves as the portal database relating to information and knowledge the nation's heritage are packaged in the form of multimedia, so it can better attract people to better understand it.
  4. Build an online facility that serves as a portal of learning as a means for the user community related to their roles and their respective professions, so as to create communities that share in terms of information and knowledge is required.