Published on Friday, 25 May 2012 22:39

Here's our latest portfolio further still in the process development:

  • Digital Preservation for historic and rare collections owned by the National Library of Indonesia, which consists of collection of manuscripts, rare books, ancient maps, historic photos and audio visual recordings.
  • Digital Preservation for the collection of museums in the area of West Java province in terms of saving the information contained in the manuscripts, rare books, historic photos and digital visualization of museum collections.
  • Digital Preservation for the classical Islamic manuscripts collection of the Ministryof Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia for the purposes of education and research.
  • Build a portal www.indonesiaheritage.org as a means of information and knowledge in terms of wealth preservation heritage of Indonesia which can be accessed by the public online.
  • Build www.ahlipustaka.com portal as a learning tool online (E-Learning) which is dedicated to the librarians, museum staff, archivists and information professionals in terms of understanding the use of Information Technology.
  • Build www.sinematekindonesia.com portal as a means of preservation and knowledge about the national film industry.
  • Build www.ahlisinema.com portal as a learning tool online (E-Learning) which is dedicated to professional filmmakers and television workers in Indonesia.
  • Build a digital library portal www.digilibsinematek.com for Sinematek Indonesia that serves to manage the collection of information and knowledge related to the film.
  • Making a documentary film with the theme of cultural wisdom with the headline: "Red and White in Sepatang", "Pepadu of Lombok", "Sultan of Sumbawa in the Global Era", "History of West Nusa Tenggara," and "Diary of Extension Family Planning".