Digitize Your Knowledge Resources

Published on Wednesday, 06 June 2012 10:51

Digitisation service is a process rather than the form of printed media such as books, journals, magazines, newspapers, maps and other printed sources, as well as from the form of sound recordings (audio) and video celluloid into a digital form.

What we offer to the digitisation service:

  • Our staff has been supplemented by the knowledge and skills inthe process oftransfer of digital media in various formats as needed.
  • Results of digital media over the product can be customized depending on customer needs of users. Is the format of the image / image with high resolution and a lower (compression). Or in a text format that is able to perform the search process through the word index OCR technology(Optical Character Recognition).
  • In the process over the media we use equipment that is reliable and faster to make the process so that it would be to save costs and time while protecting the original source documents from physical damage.
  • Our experience in the span of years 2011-2012 has made the process of digital media over the approximately 30,000 rare books, manuscripts and newspapers with a total of more than one million pages. In addition over the media in print we have done over the media and the restoration to celluloid films in 16mm and 35mm sizes in the form of digital movies.