Creating, Managing and Distributing Your Institution Knowledge

Published on Wednesday, 06 June 2012 11:04

Digital Library is an application that functions as a system for managing information resources and knowledge in digital form. Application system that is applied to assist in the management of library materials, documents and archives which include the transfer media into digital form, setting file storage and access authorization of each user. There is also a search facility (retrieval) quickly and accurately when needed through a distribution network based computer LAN (Local Area Network), Intranet and Website.

Workflows that we do is:

  • Analysis and Design System
  • Development and Customization
  • Inventory Data Bibliographies / Library Material
  • Digital Media Transfer
  • Metadata Input and Upload Files
  • Published Online via LAN / Intranet / Website
  • Hosting Server System Service (SaaS = Software as a Services)